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Monday, 28 November 2011

Paper: Drug Repurposing from an Academic Perspective

There is a great paper in Drug Discovery Today: Therapeutic Strategies reviewing experience in a large number of drug repurposing experiments performed at one institute - the University of New Mexico. There is a lot of interest in the potential of drug repurposing, many papers discussing various theoretical approaches, discussion of IP, etc, but relatively few present real-world, worked examples. The well-known examples tend to be the successful ones, and have now become almost cliches - Sildenafil and Thalidomide for example. Discussion of the challenges encountered is far less common, and this paper covers a portfolio of projects, identified by a mix of empirical broad screening, virtual screening, or hypothesis-led research - a summary of each of them w.r.t. their status and progress is then outlined - finally some conclusions are presented - the most valuable and sobering ones being the limiting factors.

A further feature of the paper is the sheer complexity (and cost) of this sort of work if tackled seriously with a genuine translational science approach, as opposed to a list of hits from an in vitro/virtual screen, that are proposed for testing.

For those of you dying to know the 'punchlines' on the current challenges (as one might expect, data availability is a major component behind all of these), these are:

  • Dosing and safety
  • Lack of integration with pharmaceutical sciences and toxicology
  • Appropriate intellectual property coverage

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