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Books and Papers - 1 - Walter Sneader

Some of the best books on the history of drug discovery have been written by Walter Sneader of University of Strathclyde. Recently I came across a copy The Evolution of Modern Medicine for only $1 in the excellent Strand Books on Broadway, NYC. Of particular interest is the phylogeny of key drug series. Here are the references in the old-school refer format. %D 1985 %A Walter Sneader %B The Evolution of Modern Medicines %I John Wiley & Sons %O ISBN 978-0471904717 %D 1986 %A Walter Sneader %B Drug Development: From Laboratory to Clinic %A John Wiley & Sons %O ISBN 471-91116X %D 1996 %A Walter Sneader %B Drug Prototypes And Their Exploitation %I John Wiley & Sons %O ISBN 978-0471948476 %D 2005 %A Walter Sneader %B Drug Discovery: A History %I WileyBlackwell %O ISBN 978-0471899808

Details for recruitment of ChEMBL positions available online

Some job adverts are available on the EMBL website. I will expand this post a little more later with links to each of the individual ChEMBL positions. Group CoordinatorSenior Data Integration and Development OfficerScientific Application DeveloperChemical Content Curator2 Web Application Developers Closing dates for application are in the links above.