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SureChEMBL: A New Hope

SureChEMBL has disrupted the field of patent chemistry by liberating chemical structures and knowledge locked in text and images, and by making the compound-patent associations freely and fully searchable and accessible on a daily basis to everyone: academics, IP professionals, content providers, software vendors, biotechs, small and big pharma, and related chemical industries. The speed, scale and scope of the data is unprecedented for a public resource. 
SureChEMBL has been around for less than two years; during this time, it has evolved into a full-blown chemistry resource provided by the EMBL-EBI: the SureChEMBL interface was revamped and released last year, including combined keyword and structure-based queries against the annotated patent corpus. All chemistry is integrated with UniChem and there are several ways to access the data in bulk, including flat files and a data client. Very soon, the data will be fully integrated and available via the Open PHACTS web service API, inclu…