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Summary of U.S. New Drugs For 2010

Here is an initial list of the 2010 US new approved drugs (specifically New Molecular Entities). The way we count things, there were 19 novel newly approved drug substantces in the US last year.

#USANTradenameIcon1TocilizumabActemra / RoActemra2DalfampridineAmpyra3LiraglutideVictoza4Velaglucerase alfaVPRIV5Carglumic acidCarbaglu6PolidocanolAsclera7DenosumabProlia8CabazitaxelJevtana9Sipuleucel-TProvenge10Ulipristal AcetateElla11AlcafatadineLastacaft12PegloticaseKrystexxa13FingolimodGilenya14Dabigatran EtexilatePradaxa15LurasidoneLatuda16Ceftaroline FosamilTeflaro17Eribulin MesylateHalaven18TesamorelinEgrifta19DienogestNatazia

12 are small molecule drugs, and 7 are biologicals. Of the small molecule drugs, 6 (32%) are small molecule synthetic drugs, 6 (32%) are small molecule natural product-derived drugs, 6 (32%) are biologicals (including peptides, enzymes and mAbs) and one (5%) is a cell-based therapy. Also interesting is the fact that the majority are parenterally dosed (11 of 19) (…

A local meeting for local people

Andreas Bender from the Unilever Center in Cambridge has set up a series of meetings for networking of molecular modellers, chemoinformaticians and allied trades  for the Cambridge, UK, area. The meetings alternate between the University in Cambridge and the EBI, these have been great fun so far, and there is now a web-site for the Cambridge Cheminformatic Network, with a Doodle Poll for dates for the 2011 meetings.

UK Research Council Science Funding 2011-2015

Today, RCUK and The UK research councils announced the budgets and priorities for UK science spending for 2011-2015. A link to the BBSRC delivery plan is here.

Links to ChEMBL data from Wikipedia

Everyone's favorite free encyclopedia - wikipedia, has started to get links to ChEMBL added. The links are all sorted out, now we just need a bot to go round and sort everything out for a large set of compounds. So, to give you some idea of how it will look, here are some links to some classics
SildenafilParacetamolImatinibSo, do you think it is worth adding links for targets as well as compounds?

ChEMBL now has a Japanese language Wikipedia page

ChEMBLケンブル) is now on Japanese Wikipedia.

Note, the page is currently flagged as spam, so hopefully this will change when it is reviewed....

ChEMBL Bioactivity Course February 2011 - Registration Open

Registration for the 2011 residential ChEMBL Training course, running from the 14th to the 18th of Feburary 2011, is now underway, further details can be found at this link.

What better way to spend Valentine's Day?

ARMC Vol 45 is out!

One of the highlights of the year for me is the gentle thud of ARMC (Annual Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry) landing in my pigeon hole at work. This book alone, I consider, justifies my ACS membership dues. Volume 45 is edited by John Macor, and has some excellent chapters, highlights for me were the TLR review, the epigenetic targets, the neglected tropical diseases and the drug attrition chapters. Lots and lots to keep you occupied on your commute (unless you drive).

%J Annu Rev. Med. Chem. %V 45 %E J.E. Macor %I Academic Press %O ISBN 978-0-12-380902-5 %O ISSN 0065-7743

A conference goers bag of drugs?

I was musing on the drugs I need to take with me while travelling. Here is the first go at a list. This trip, I packed only one item.....

DEET (for pesky insects that love your blood even more you do - thanks Dr. Congreve!).Aspirin (for the inevitable headache, fever and as a bonus an anticoagulant for flights, especially in economy seats - one of Nature's true gifts - aspirin that is, not economy class seats).Paracetamol (headache from sporadic/atypical alcohol consumption).Loperamide (disturbed digestive habits, fluid loss).Azithromycin (just in case of serious life threatening infections, often difficult to get abroad, use responsibly - thanks Dr. Schoichet!).Loratidine (anti-histamine, insect bites, bed-bugs, allergies, etc).Diphenhydramine (a sedative anti-histamine for disturbed sleep patterns, or to block out the presence of your annoying fidgety neighbour on the plane).Ranitidine (for inevitable over-indulgence and subsequent disturbed digestion).Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxi…

Update of Chemistry Follow-up on GSK Malaria HTS set

Here is an update on some follow-on chemistry on the GSK Malaria screening set, provided by the researchers at GSK's Tres Cantos Medicines Development Campus.

Chemistry in progress

TCMDC-123822, TCMDC-123823, TCMDC-123824, TCMDC-123827, TCMDC-134513, TCMDC-123579, TCMDC-123582, TCMDC-125454, TCMDC-134141, TCMDC-134142, TCMDC-134143, TCMDC-134692, TCMDC-135254, TCMDC-135271, TCMDC-135426, TCMDC-135461, TCMDC-135462, TCMDC-135463, TCMDC-135554, TCMDC-135654, TCMDC-135655, TCMDC-135656, TCMDC-135657, TCMDC-135677, TCMDC-135687, TCMDC-135789, TCMDC-135796, TCMDC-135816, TCMDC-135911, TCMDC-136013, TCMDC-136014, TCMDC-136015, TCMDC-136016, TCMDC-136051, TCMDC-136060, TCMDC-136134, TCMDC-136185, TCMDC-136188, TCMDC-136303, TCMDC-139046

Chemistry on hold

TCMDC-123540, TCMDC-123620, TCMDC-123685, TCMDC-123755, TCMDC-123796, TCMDC-123825, TCMDC-124434, TCMDC-124501, TCMDC-125331, TCMDC-125334, TCMDC-125650, TCMDC-134557, TCMDC-134672, TCMDC-134674, TCMDC-134675, TCMDC-135196, TCMDC-135265…