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Monday, 24 October 2011

PhD studentship at the Institute of Cancer Research

From the lab of one of our collaborators comes the following......

Details of forthcoming PhD studentships at The Institute of Cancer Research ICR are now on-line; There are 12 studentships across a range of different disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Informatics and Medical Physics. The deadline for applications is 1st December 2011.

There is a specific studentship of likely interest to ChEMBL-og readers - Identifying novel targets and target combinations for cancer using in-silico chemical biology, within the Computational Biology and Chemogenomics Team of the ICR.

This is a computational biology/lab biology PhD jointly between Dr. Bissan Al-Lazikani and Prof. Paul Workman. The project is an exciting multi-disciplnary project that will utilise bioinformatics and chemogenomics techniques, protein interaction network modelling as well as laboratory biology to identify novel drug intervention targets (and compounds) for use in combination therapies with best-in-class HSP90 inhibitors. The first two years of the project will be primarily computational (with an opportunity to do some basic Mass. Spec. proteomics work in the laboratory) and focus on multi-omics data mining, network modelling chemogenomic and druggability analysis. Discoveries made though the first two years will then be validated in the laboratory utilising RNA interference, cellular drug screening and other molecular and cellular biology techniques. The project benefits for a collaboration with Dr. Paul Huang and Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez (of the EMBL-EBI) who bring network proteomics and network modelling expertise.

Full details of the project can be found here.

The PhD is a four year project funded through the MRC studentship program. Please check eligibility criteria before applying.

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