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The SARfaris: GPCR, Kinase, ADME

Monday, 24 August 2015

Online Resources

We would like to announce the recent release of two online training resources for ChEMBL and UniChem.

For ChEMBL, we  have developed ‘ChEMBL: Exploring bioactive drug-like molecules’, which will walk you through how to use the interface, step-by-step. It tackles topics such as target searching, compound searching, web services and data downloads. The course also gives you a chance to test your knowledge throughout.

Additionally, Jon Chambers has created the 'UniChem: Quick Tour' course. This course will give users a basic understanding of UniChem and the benefits it can bring to navigating small molecule resources. It will also walk you through how to conduct simple searches using UniChem and the UniChem Connectivity Search feature.

I'd also like to remind you that we store recordings of our past webinars, in case you missed them. You can access these anytime and they can be found here:

If you have any questions or queries about anything mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact 

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