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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wanted - Web Developer!

Just a reminder that we are currently looking for a Web Application Developer to join the ChEMBL team at EMBL-EBI. The closing date for this vacancy is 4th Oct, so hurry and apply!

The role is primarily to develop a series of web-based applications and interfaces for the ChEMBL chemogenomic resources. The role also involves the development, maintenance and documentation of these tools, and supporting their usage within the EBI and externally. It will also involve some requirement gathering and use-case development.

Experience of Python and JavaScript is required as is experience of working with web frameworks such as Django. A sound knowledge of relational databases (primarily Oracle), SQL PL/SQL, REST and HTTP protocol is also a requirement. Experience of contributing to open software projects and documenting them on GitHub for example is desirable. Applicants should have a good understanding of best practice in software engineering, rapid development cycle work, have developed user-friendly web interfaces and experience in good code documentation.

Full job description is available here: 

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