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The SARfaris: GPCR, Kinase, ADME

Friday, 30 October 2009

ChEMBL notifications, updates, social media and news.

When I started work, if you wanted to tell someone something, you wrote a handwritten note, posted it internally to a typing pool, told them how many copies you wanted, and a few days later things would turn up in the internal post. To distribute things further, you had to then fill envelopes, lick stamps and then post them. (For the youth reading this, Google any of the unfamiliar words/phrases). It was incredible that anything got done at all (penicillin, the transistor, gps, etc it really is.
We live in different times, and as a group we communicate in three general ways to the world.

  • The ChEMBL-og - this blog! Mostly news of broad interest, some ephemera, some recruitment, and some analyses of data, new drug approval news, interesting papers, conferences, book and hotel reviews for scientists, etc.
  • The Group homepage at - links to the online resources (currently kinase sarfari and chembldb are live).
  • The ChEMBL twitter feed - mirrors most posts from the blog, occasional 'just had a really tasty burger', 'need a quarter inch Whitworth spanner', you have been warned.
  • The chembl-announce mailing list - formal news about data/software releases.

    The picture above is from b3ta (Often NSFW) - the United Kingdom have a major (physical) postal strike in the UK at the moment.

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