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Monday, 13 September 2010

Books: Germ Stories

One of the great things about large meetings (I'm at the 50th meeting of ICAAC at the moment) are the publisher's stalls; the sort of specialist literature I like doesn't make conventional bookshops, and how bad is Amazon for recommendations for actually surprising and expanding your horizons and interests....

Anyway, we all have a little special someone in our lives, and this book, Germ Stories, is just for them. A set of delightful poems and rhymes about bugs, of all sorts, written by Arthur Kornberg for his children. Education and entertainment for youngsters at it's best. High production values in the book - good quality binding, nice relief printed titling on the dust jacket, and delightful illustrations. A stylistic merging of Dr. Seuss with interesting subject matter, but in no sense is this nonsense. A must buy for all parents - especially at the show price of $20!

%T Germ Stories
%A A. Kornberg
%D 2008
%I University Science Books
%O ISBN-978-1-891389-51-1

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