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Monday, 10 January 2011

ChEMBL Schema Walkthrough Webinar - 27th January 2011

We'll be running a ChEMBL database schema walkthrough at 3pm GMT on Thursday 27th January.

There will be some changes to the existing schema in the forthcoming ChEMBL_09 release, to allow us to incorporate a lot more information about approved drugs. Therefore this webinar may be of interest not just to new users, wishing to understand the schema/data model, but also existing users who want more information about the changes.

We will use webhuddle for the meeting. You don't need an account or any software, just a Java enabled web-browser. There will also be a separate number to dial into the audio.

Please click here to sign up for meeting details.

1 comment:

Markus Sitzmann said...

IS there a time frame for ChEMBL_09 to come out? Well, the speed by which ChEMBL releases new versions is daunting (in a positive sense :-) )