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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Access to ChEMBL through Pipeline Pilot

We have recently released a set of RESTful Web Services, which give users programmatic access to the ChEMBL data. During the Small Molecule Bioactivity course we hosted earlier in the year, and in a number of subsequent ChEMBL webinars, we've been asked if it is possible to use these new services in Pipeline Pilot, the short answer is yes.

To help users get started we have created a simple protocol, which you can download, use and modify (the license for this, for those interested is CC0). Remember to save the file on your disk - the link itself will look goofy in your browser. The protocol will retrieve data for a list of ChEMBLids and return a list of bioactivity and compound data in an html table.

We will be interested to hear how you get on, so tell us about any changes/enhancements you would make to the protocol, we're convinced it can be improved.

Over the coming months you can expect the set of ChEMBL Web Services to grow. We will keep you informed of any new additions via this blog, the website and the chembl-announce mailing list.

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