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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Browsers and Bugs

We had a support email recently that some things on the interface didn't work with chrome (an export function) - we couldn't repeat the issue with the equipment we have here at ChEMBL Towers. But there are a lot of OS's and a lot of browsers out there, and we can't recreate every possible environment - interestingly, chrome is really popular amongst you people (the image above is a google analytics report of a weeks access of this very blog). I'm a safari man myself....

So as a reminder, we love hearing about bugs and issues, we really do, so send them to!

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gilleain said...

The thing is, there might be some inflation of the numbers for chrome due to it prefetching the pages when it shows you results. There's some discussion of this here:

which also mentions crawler bots showing up as 'chrome'.