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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

2nd RDKit UGM - A reminder

For those who forgot to register, this is a gentle reminder for the 2nd RDKit User Group Meeting. The meeting will take place October 2nd-4th here the Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK. We're using a different format for the meeting this year:

Days 1 and 2: Talks, lightning talks, roundtable(s), discussion, and something new: talktorials! Talktorials are somewhere between a talk and a tutorial, they cover something interesting done with the RDKit and include the code used to do the work. During the presentation you'll give an overview of what you did and also show the pieces of the code that are central to the work. The idea is to mix the science up with the tutorial aspects.

Day 3 will be the first ever RDKit sprint: those who choose to stay will spend an intense day working in small groups to produce useful artifacts: new bits of code, KNIME nodes, KNIME workflows, tutorials, documentation, IPython notebooks, etc. We'll see who's there and what folks are interested in contributing and go from there.

There will also be, of course, social and networking activities!

Registration is free at the following link:

We are also looking for people who are willing to do presentations or talktorials on the first two days. If you're interested in contributing, please send us an email

We are really looking forward to seeing a bunch of you again, to meet some new people from the ever growing RDKit developer and user community, and to hear some more cool stories about what people do with the RDKit.

Greg and George

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