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Monday, 4 August 2014

ChEMBL US Tour 2014

We have some specific funding to do some training and outreach for ChEMBL (including UniChem and SureChEMBL). We would like to set something up on either the East or West coasts - the map above is the Google Analytics view for the blog (remember, we don’t run any analytics on the ChEMBL site, we respect your privacy). Based on this there are a couple of realistic options, and we can realistically only do one of these this year.
  • West Coast - Seattle, Bay Area and San Diego.    or 
  • East Coast - RTP, DC, Philly, New York, New Jersey and Boston.

We are thinking of sometime in November or early December 2014.

In order to make this work, we would need a local coordinator to arrange rooms, advertising to local interested users, and so forth, and also some assistance with logistics planning, and if you have access to special rates at hotels that would be great.

We could run either a lecture/chalk-and-talk set of lectures at each location, or if you have a training room with computers could do some workshops/hands-on training. We would typically cover
  1. Introduction to ChEMBL, UniChem and SureChEMBL
  2. Application of ChEMBL in lead discovery and medicinal chemistry
  3. patent searching in SureChEMBL
  4. Drugs and Targets in ChEMBL
  5. Using KNIME with ChEMBL
  6. Database schema and SQL querying, myChEMBL.

So, any interest in hosting us for a day, and what would you like to hear about? Please mail us!

If there is sufficient interest, we will look into which option (East or West coast) has the most potential meetings.

Once we’ve set something up, we’ll post an itinerary an further details on the ChEMBL-og.

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