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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Chembldb schema web meeting - 3pm GMT, 27th November 2009

Following unanticipated child illness last week, we will have a web-meeting walkthrough of the chembldb core schema on Friday 27th November at 3pm GMT. The excellent webhuddle will be used, so if you are interested it may be worth checking this out, setting up an account, checking it works on your machine, in advance of the meeting. Mail us if you want links to the phone number and webhuddle link.

We are aware that the 27th is over the forthcoming Thanksgiving weekend for our friends located in the United States of America, but we will do a further web-meeting the following week, for those unable to make it on the 27th.

Please, please, please use the above link, it is just too complex (for me) to manage emails with all sorts of titles, content and so forth! Also, it causes confusion (for me) if you forward the access details, and then I get messages, phone calls, smoke signals, etc. about the meeting if we need to change things.

I have just joined Google wave, and have a few invitations left if anyone is interested in getting one.

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