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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ChEMBL Webinars for 2012

We have set up a schedule for the ChEMBL webinars for the first half of 2012. We strongly recommend that people developing against the ChEMBL schema, or performing data-mining attend the relevant webinars, since there are a few gotchas for the unwary, or those who don't like documentation ;)

Times and subjects covered are as follows. Note all times are UK local times, and the dates span the application of Daylight Savings Times, so watch out! Secondly, details of how to participate in each meeting will be made available on the blog about a week before the scheduled webinar.
  • 07-Mar-2012 3:30pm Interface and Searching
  • 21-Mar-2012 3:30pm Schema and sql querying
  • 04-Apr-2012 3:30pm structure based drugEBIlity 
  • 18-Apr-2012 3:30pm Interface and Searching
  • 02-May-2012 3:30pm web services 
  • 16-May-2012 3:30pm Schema and sql querying 
  • 30-May-2012 9:00am Interface and Searching (Japanese language) 
  • 13-Jun-2012 3:30pm Interface and Searching 
  • 27-Jun-2012 3:30pm Schema and sql querying 
  • 11-Jul-2012 3:30pm Interface and Searching
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