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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Future Webinars

After the success of the last round of webinars, we have decided to run another set.

However, we would like to gauge the interest in which topics would be most useful. The topics that have been suggested so far are:

  • ChEMBL Overview - Basic interface walkthrough and searching
  • ChEMBL Schema - Basic overview and ChEMBL changes
  • ChEMBL Schema - Changes to ChEMBL target data model
  • UniChem - Basic overview and searching
  • Drug and USAN data content

For this, a doodle poll has been set up which will allow you to register your interest. The poll is hidden, so no one will see your details, but it will allow us at ChEMBL Towers to see if the webinar would be worthwhile to set up. Please click on the link and let us know what you think.

Additionally, if there are any webinars that we have not suggested, that you believe would be useful, please feel free to suggest these on the doodle poll, or email

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