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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ChEMBL web services webinar 4pm 12th July

We are pleased to announce the next webinar in our ChEMBL webinar series:

ChEMBL, programmatically (part of the EMBL-EBI, programmatically: take a REST from manual searches webinar series) will be held at 4pm (BST) on 12th July.

The webinar will provide an overview of the ChEMBL API and its use, including how to execute API calls from the browser; where to find documentation; how to user filtering and pagination; available output formats; and scripting examples in Python, Bash and R.  We will also give examples of how the API can be used to create reusable web components and integrated into tools such as KNIME and Slack. The webinar will assume a degree of familiarity with the data in ChEMBL, so new users are advised that an introductory ChEMBL webinar is also available:

To register for this webinar, please see

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