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ChEMBL 13 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of ChEMBL_13. This latest version of the ChEMBL database contains: 1,296,266 compound records 1,143,682 distinct compounds 617,681 assays 6,933,068 bioactivities 8,845 targets 44,682 documents 8 data sources This release includes updates to the manually extracted Medicinal Chemistry literature, updates to OrangeBook drug approvals and a update from PubChem BioAssay . This release also contains data sets related to screening against human African Trypanosomiasis and Chagas disease. Both data sets have been deposited by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) . For more details, please see ChEMBL-NTD website. Please refer to the ChEMBL_13 release notes for a more detailed description of all changes included in this release. We have also made a couple of minor updates to the interface which include New Ligand Efficiency widget, which is displayed on the Target report card pages (e.g. CHEMBL331 ) Added external links