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ChEMBL_19 Released - Now with Crop Protection Data!

We are pleased to announce the release of ChEMBL_19 . This version of the database was prepared on 3rd July 2014 and contains: 1,637,862 compound records 1,411,786 compounds (of which 1,404,752 have molfiles) 12,843,338 bioactivities 1,106,285 bioassays 10,579 targets 57,156 abstracted documents Data can be downloaded from the ChEMBL ftpsite . Please see ChEMBL_19 release notes for full details of the changes in this release. New crop protection data We have now expanded the content of ChEMBL to include data relevant to crop protection research. Bioactivity data covering insecticides, fungicides and herbicides were extracted from a number of different journals such as J. Agric. Food. Chem., J. Pesticide Sci., Crop Protection and Pest Manag. Sci. The addition of this dataset to ChEMBL was funded by Syngenta . In total, more than 40K compound records and 245K activities were added in this dataset. These data are included in the 'Scientific Literature' data so

Conference: SLAS 2015 Call for abstracts

The July 28 deadline for podium abstract submissions for  SLAS2015  is just a few weeks away. Please consider responding to this call to play an important role in the industry-leading event located at the intersection of science and technology. Abstract submissions from industry, academia and government professionals are welcome. Submit Your Abstract  » SLAS is currently accepting both podium and poster presentation abstracts for consideration towards the scientific program at  SLAS2015 . Program tracks include: Assay Development and Screening Automation and High-Throughput Technologies Bioanalytical Techniques Biomarker Development and Applications Drug Target Strategies Informatics Micro/Nano Technologies Visit the  SLAS2015 Web site  for detailed track descriptions. Presenting at SLAS2015 positions both you and your organization as a leader in your field. Serving as a presenter is also sure to expand your professional network and provide you with qualified i