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ChEMBL 25 and new web interface released

We are pleased to announce the release of ChEMBL 25 and our new web interface. This version of the database, prepared on 10/12/2018 contains: 2,335,417 compound records 1,879,206 compounds (of which 1,870,461 have mol files) 15,504,603 activities 1,125,387 assays 12,482 targets 72,271 documents Data can be downloaded from the ChEMBL ftp site: Please see ChEMBL_25 release notes for full details of all changes in this release: DATA CHANGES SINCE THE LAST RELEASE # Deposited Data Sets: Kuster Lab Chemical Proteomics Drug Profiling (src_id = 48, Document ChEMBL_ID = CHEMBL3991601): Data have been included from the publication: The target landscape of clinical kinase drugs. Klaeger S, Heinzlmeir S and Wilhelm M et al (2017), Science, 358-6367 ( ) # In Vivo Assay