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Using ChEMBL activity comments

We’re sometimes asked what the ‘activity_comments’ in the ChEMBL database mean. In this Blog post, we’ll use aspirin as an example to explain some of the more common activity comments. First, let’s review the bioactivity data included in ChEMBL. We extract bioactivity data directly from   seven core medicinal chemistry journals . Some common activity types, such as IC50s, are standardised  to allow broad comparisons across assays; the standardised data can be found in the  standard_value ,  standard_relation  and  standard_units  fields. Original data is retained in the database downloads in the  value ,  relation  and  units  fields. However, we extract all data from a publication including non-numerical bioactivity and ADME data. In these cases, the activity comments may be populated during the ChEMBL extraction-curation process  in order to capture the author's  overall  conclusions . Similarly, for deposited datasets and subsets of other databases (e.g. DrugMatrix, PubChem), th