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Updates to the ChEMBL FAQs

If you have a question about the data in ChEMBL you might consider visiting our FAQ page!  We have recently expanded and updated the FAQs; we have included more intuitive categories, mirroring the organisation of our data.  Enquiries are now sorted into general, assay and activity, drug and compound, target, document and data source, interface, download, and schema questions. We have added new answers, including to the questions: How are [protein] isoforms treated by ChEMBL? What are the parameters for the [structure] similarity search? Can you provide more details on ChEMBL releases? Does ChEMBL contain agrochemical data? Our FAQs are searchable, making it easy to navigate to your area of interest.  You can also find help with programmatic access to the database , and a guide to our web interface .   If you want to keep up to date with ChEMBL news and data releases you can subscribe to the Chembl-announce mailing list.   For any questions not answered by our FAQs, please email chemb