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ChEMBL 22 release - technical notes

The ChEMBL 22 release brings lots of new data. But we also released some new software so if you are interested in technical details please read on. 1. First of all, please note that ChEMBL 22 is the last release where we provide Oracle 9i dumps . Oracle 9i has been out of support now for at nearly a decade and shouldn't be in use anymore but please let us know if this is a problem. On the other hand, we will do our best to provide Oracle 12c dumps for the next release. 2. If you are using the python API client please upgrade it by running: [sudo] pip install -U chembl_webresource_client This will upgrade the client to the latest version which solves some minor bugs and adds an ability to search in document abstracts. It will also create a new cache so you will see new chembl data immediately. Otherwise, you will need to clear your cache manually. 3. New version ( 2.4.9 ) of the ChEMBL API has been released as well. This version includes:  - new endpoints: tissu