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SureChEMBL user survey

  (Generated with DALL-E 3 ∙ 11 Janvier 2024 at 11:50 am)   Happy New Year everyone! You already know that we have been working extensively in the last few years to offer a new version of SureChEMBL that can deliver a better user experience. If you did not have the opportunity yet, you can still test the new UI and underlying system . Obviously it is still a beta version but new improvements are deployed weekly and 2024 should be exciting. As said at the announcement, one of the advantages of the new SureChEMBL is that we can finally develop new functionalities! We have a long list in our backlog but not enough time and resources to deliver them all immediately. This is why we would like to offer the SureChEMBL community a say on what we should implemented first. So please have a look at our survey . We gathered ideas that emerged over the last few years and you will be able to vote for what you think we should prioritise. You can also share your own idea if you wish. It should not ta