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Wanted - Web Developer!

Just a reminder that we are currently looking for a Web Application Developer to join the ChEMBL team at EMBL-EBI. The closing date for this vacancy is 4th Oct, so hurry and apply! The role is primarily to develop a series of web-based applications and interfaces for the ChEMBL chemogenomic resources. The role also involves the development, maintenance and documentation of these tools, and supporting their usage within the EBI and externally. It will also involve some requirement gathering and use-case development. Experience of Python and JavaScript is required as is experience of working with web frameworks such as Django. A sound knowledge of relational databases (primarily Oracle), SQL PL/SQL, REST and HTTP protocol is also a requirement. Experience of contributing to open software projects and documenting them on GitHub for example is desirable. Applicants should have a good understanding of best practice in software engineering, rapid development cycle work, have

Blast from the past - 1000th blog post!

To celebrate the 1000th post, we've decided to take a journey back in time. So, what you see above is a timeline* showing the most important blog posts published on the ChEMBL blog. The posts delineate major events and milestones in the group’s 7-year history and highlight the contributions and impact to the community. Posts on ChEMBL updates, publications, innovative software applications and popular resources are all included there. We hope you will enjoy skimming through it as much as we did. If you have any favourite blog post published here, let us know in the comments. Just remember that this journey continues; here’s to the next chiliad of exciting blog posts! The ChEMBL team. * The timeline was prepared using the excellent timelineJS library by .

KNIME chemoinformatics meetup at the EBI

We’re co-organising a KNIME chemoinformatics workshop at the EBI on Monday 5th October. This is a regular meeting that takes place the day before the biannual  UK-QSAR meeting . There will be informal discussions on the current and future state of the KNIME chemoinformatics nodes , along with updates by the community and the KNIME guys. There will also be talks on the integration of KNIME with the ChEMBL resources and the Open PHACTS platform.   More details and agenda here ; to register, fill in your details here . George 999