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New text filter on the ChEMBL interface

A new text filter has been added to the  search results  and the ' Browse ' pages of the interface. This filter is shown as a small search bar at the top-right of tables and card pages. It can be used as a simple and fast way to filter a set of items. The filter appends a new query to the current query to match the term entered with all the available fields that are non-numeric. It is based on the Querystring query of Elasticsearch , so wildcards can be used in the search box. To see an example of how it works, you can follow these steps: Go to the  Browse Drugs  page: Use the filters to the left to select only Phase 4 drugs with no Rule of Five violations:  Enter the term '*antibacterial*' on the search box and click on the search button: It will match the term on the following fields: Parent Molecule ChEMBL ID, Synonyms, Research Codes, Applicants, USAN Stem, ATC Codes, USAN Stem Defini