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Monday, 12 January 2009

Books and Papers - 4 - The Cathedral And The Bazaar

All this travelling is making me read. This was a book I picked up over the summer, but have only recently properly read. It is a classic in the open source field, and is a very lucid discussion of the culture of open source projects. It is excellent in quite a few places, and my copy is now dog-eared where I thought at the time that I must remember some point or other. Many things I simply had not though of before, in particular the multifaceted discussions of 'free' vs commercial were particularly interesting. One definite down side was that I felt like I was 'l33t' after I had finished it, and tried to bore my kids with my new insights - I guess this is may be the modern equivalent of you dad dancing at a disco.

%T The Cathedral And The Bazaar
%A Eric Raymond
%I O'Reilly Media, Inc.
%D 2001
%O ISBN 978-0596001087

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