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Monday, 12 January 2009

Calling SMEs and consultants

One of the anticipated user groups for the ChEMBL data are for SMEs and 'sole trader' type consultants (i.e. very small consultancy businesses, one-person-bands, etc.). So, as a general question, what sort of access and query tools would be most useful for this type of user. We have contacts with quite a lot of large pharma, non-profits, universities and larger biotech, especially in Europe and the USA, but could do with more diverse contacts to make sure we align our services with a broader community.

I guess there are a number of obvious options for delivery.

  • Locally installable databases - what sort of technical environment would be wanted for this (Oracle, mySQL, ....)
  • Hosted web server access - what sort of queries would people want to do, how would they like the results?

    Where should our priorities lie?

    So, please, mail me (jpo (at) if you have some thoughts, or would consider yourself to be one of these types of users. Contact and input from developing economies is especially welcome.

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