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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Books and Papers - 2 - The Tufte For A New Generation

This year, Santa Claus delivered a book (I always thought he lived at the North Pole, but clearly he is now based in The Amazon) that I had seen advertised a few places - 'Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication Of Data', by Stephen Few. It is one of those compelling books that although the fundamental message is simple and arguably obvious, it is nonetheless a delight to read, and I learnt a lot from it. The basic theme of the book is in the necessary features and design of intuitive interfaces, and in particular those that need to display quantitative and comparative numerical data. My first contact with books of this type were with the classics of Edward Tufte, which remain timeless, but are complemented by this book addressing HCI issues.
%D 2008
%A Stephen Few
%T Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication Of Data
%I O'Reilly
%O ISBN 978-0596100162

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