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Friday, 22 October 2010

Staff Post in ChEMBL - EU-OPENSCREEN Database developer

We will soon post on the EMBL recruitment pages, details of a new post within ChEMBL - a database developer for a very exciting pan-European collaboration called EU-OPENSCREEN. EU-OPENSCREEN is one of a set of large-scale Research Infrastructure projects called 'ESFRIs', and EU-OPENSCREEN is connected with establishing an infrastructure of screening centers, compound collections and associated 'Open' Chemical Biology Data. EU-OPENSCREEN has recently started, and is in the so-called 'Preparatory Phase'.

The job will require someone with good technical informatics and scientific skills connected with database design and integration, biological screening, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics, data security, and will require travel to European and U.S. collaborator labs. 

An associated EU-OPENSCREEN post within the Steinbeck group at the EBI, on Data Standards, Ontologies, etc., will also be announced shortly.

When the position is live on the EMBL recruitment site, I'll post another reminder post.

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