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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

SMS-DrugNet Allosteric Regulators Workshop, Edinburgh, December 2012.

For many classically 'undruggable' targets, there is sometimes the prospect of the discovery and optimisation of allosteric regulators, these can offer advantages in more selective target regulation, or improve the drug-like properties of compounds that bind to the allosteric site. However, allosteric regulators are often discovered via serendipity, and many screens are not configured optimally to identify allosteric regulators.

As part of the grant we are involved in, there is an Allostery Workshop taking place at the University of Edinburgh on 4th December 2012. The Workshop, sponsored by the British Council, involves an extensive delegation of scientists from Turkey led by Burak Erman, Koc University, Istanbul and will bring together a diverse area of disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Informatics, Mathematics and Medicine. The program for the day will include presentations and poster session.

Gerard Van Westen from the group here will be presenting some of our recent work on annotation and classification of allosteric/orthosteric regulators in ChEMBL. The title of his talk is "Beating (the) Competition in Lead Discovery: Property and Structural trends in Allosteric Regulators"

Further details are available on this link.

Update: Space is limited, so if you are interested in going, register early!

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