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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Books: Molecules and Medicine

The ACS exhibition hall has got the usual selection of publishers, and I'm drawn, just like a tramp (as in vagrant) to a pile of discarded cardboard, to the book stands. Todays book is Molecules and Medicine by Corey, Czakó and Kürti. It covers a wide range of range of drugs presented as monographs organised by therapeutic area. Additionally, there is an explanation at the front of some key chemistry concepts that help non-chemists understand the array of representational forms of molecules - most people either 'get' chemistry or they don't, and this introduction may well help. As a minor criticism, I personally find the typesetting and illustrations fussy and inconsistently styled, and it just seems too colorful, but this may well add to the attraction of the book overall for a wider audience.

In summary a good book, buy it as a present, either for yourself, or for elderly relatives, they are always really interested in drugs and disease (but if you do the latter, read it first!)

%T Molecules and Medicine
%A E.J. Corey
%A B. Czakó
%A L. Kürti
%I Wiley Interscience
%D 2007
%O ISBN 978-0-470-22749-7

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