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Monday, 25 July 2011

Internship - Scientific Data Visualisation

We are looking for an intern for one month to design a new poster on drugs and their targets. We published a poster a few years ago, and now we want to make a new poster, built around pharmacological action and drug types. We are looking for someone with good aesthetic judgement, ideally a long-standing interest in scientific data visualisation and experience is network visualisation using tools such as Cytoscape. Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator on Mac OsX is essential. If you are interested, please get in touch.

The EMBL-EBI pays a standard stipend to all interns.

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Sarkis Dallakian said...

Thank you for this poster. I like it a lot and I'm sure the new poster will look even better. I would recommend using images from Pillbox for the new poster, to see how it would look. Also, in addition to color coding protein structure information (Low, Medium, High, Null), it would be also nice to have some visual cues about first-in-class vs follow-on drug. Thank you and best wishes!