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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Further Depositions to ChEMBL-NTD

We're delighted to announce the availability of three distinct new datasets on the ChEMBL-NTD portal, available for download, reuse, etc.

These are:

  • Novartis-GNF Malaria Liver Stage dataset (associated with this Science publication) (Plasmodium falciparum).
  • DNDi Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) dataset (Trypanosoma brucei)
  • DNDi Chagas Dataset (Trypanosoma cruzi).

Further details of the assays and compounds are to be found on the ChEMBL-NTD portal. The data will be integrated and loaded into a future version of ChEMBL, as well as the direct data download links. Once more, we thanks the depositors, DNDi and Novartis-GNF, for their benevolence and commitment to Open Science.

The associated publication for the Novartis-GNF dataset is:
%T Imaging of Plasmodium Liver Stages to Drive Next-Generation Antimalarial Drug Discovery
%A S. Meister
%A D.M. Plouffe
%A K.L. Kuhen
%A G.M.C. Bonamy
%A T. Wu
%A S.W. Barnes
%A S.E. Bopp
%A R. Borboa
%A A.T. Bright
%A J. Che
%A S. Cohen
%A N.V. Dharia
%A K. Gagaring
%A M. Gettayacamin
%A P. Gordon 
%A T. Groessl 
%A N. Kato
%A M.C.S. Lee
%A C.W. McNamara
%A D.A. Fidock
%A A. Nagle
%A T-g Nam 
%A W. Richmond
%A J. Roland
%A M. Rottmann
%A B. Zhou
%A P. Froissard 
%A R.J. Glynne
%A D. Mazier 
%A J. Sattabongkot
%A P.G. Schultz
%A T. Tuntland
%A J.R. Walker 
%A Y. Zhou
%A A. Chatterjee
%A T.T. Diagana 
%A E.A. Winzeler
%J Science
%D 2011
%O DOI:10.1126/science.1211936

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