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Monday, 12 March 2012

Tender: Consultancy services for OPS licensing and IP issues for Open PHACTS IMI Project

Open PHACTS is a 3-year EU-funded (IMI) project, targeted to enhance and accelerate data intensive drug research for academic and industry partners. It comprises the development of an innovative open source, open standard and open access platform (application), the Open Pharmacological Space (OPS). The project is driven by the Open PHACTS consortium, composed of 14 European core academic and SME partners in close cooperation with 8 major industry partners from pharmacological areas.

The realization of the OPS platform and its placement in the targeted pharmaceutical area significantly depends on a proper strategic licensing plan considering all licensing and IP issues of the incorporated sources (data, software components).

Main purpose and primary role of required consultancy:
  • The primary role of the consultant is to contribute in depth knowledge with respect to licensing models and IP rights to the Open PHACTS project. Thus, consultancy services are targeted to ensure compliance of the OPS platform with licensing conditions related to the data and software components held in it.
  • To develop a high-level strategic plan for licensing, considering the current and anticipated data sources and software components as well as OPS business case requirements.
  • In depth assessment of licencing status of each individual data source, further providing a recommendation whether or how this is acceptable for inclusion into the open PHACTS platform.
  • Engagement in communication of licence model options with partners.
  • To work with data owners to develop alternative licence models (e.g. such as Creative Commons model) where the original one does not fit and the provider is willing to participate.
  • To produce internal and public policy documents regarding the Open PHACTS licencing compliance for the data sources it contains.
  • To represent Open PHACTS in public forum to promote the ability to consume public data for publishing in the platform.
Further details can be found here, deadline for applications is 16th April 2012.

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