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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Paper: PSICQUIC and PSISCORE: accessing and scoring molecular interactions

To study proteins in the context of a cellular system, it is essential that the molecules with which a protein interacts are identified and the functional consequence of each interaction is understood. A plethora of resources now exist to capture molecular interaction data from the many laboratories generating such information, but whereas such databases are rich in information, the sheer number and variability of such databases constitutes a substantial challenge in both data access and quality assessment to the researchers interested in a specific biological domain.

The paper is available here, and here is the PSICQUIC registry.

%T PSICQUIC and PSISCORE: accessing and scoring molecular interactions
%A B. Aranda
%A H. Blankenburg  
%A S. Kerrien
%A F.S.L. Brinkman  
%A A. Ceol  
%A E. Chautard  
%A J.M. Dana  
%A J. De Las Rivas  
%A M. Dumousseau  
%A E. Galeota
%A A. Gaulton
%A J. Goll
%A R.E.W. Hancock  
%A R. Isserlin
%A R.C. Jimenez  
%A J. Kerssemakers  
%A J. Khadake
%A D.J. Lynn  
%A M. Michaut  
%A G. O'Kelly
%A K. Ono  
%A S. Orchard  
%A C. Prieto 
%A S. Razick  
%A O. Rigina  
%A L. Salwinski  
%A M. Simonovic  
%A S. Velankar  
%A A. Winter
%A G. Wu  
%A G.D. Bader  
%A G. Cesareni  
%A I.M. Donaldson  
%A D. Eisenberg  
%A G.J. Kleywegt 
%A J. Overington  
%A S. Ricard-Blum  
%A M. Tyers
%A M. Albrecht
%A H. Hermjakob
%J Nature Methods 
%V 8
%P 528–529
%D 2011
%O doi:10.1038/nmeth.1637

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