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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Job: Chemoinformatician at the Karolinska

Some of our collaborators at the Karolinska have a great job available - the advert is here.

DivisionChemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS) are looking for a highly motivated and talented Cheminformatics Scientist to support and coordinate a wide scope of research informatics applications and data analysis at our Stockholm facilities.

DutiesThe desired candidate will have a demonstrated track record in managing large volumes of scientific data in support of basic research and/or drug discovery projects and should have significant experience with in-house and commercial software solutions that facilitate data capture, analysis and visualization in small molecule research and drug design. Responsibilities include:
  • Evaluation and implementation of a nationally encompassing chemoinformatics system for the SciLifeLab community.
  • Maintainance, configuration, monitoring, and/or troubleshooting scientific applications and underlying software. 
  • Partnering and interaction with software vendors and external professional service staff to resolve issues and implement enhancements.
  • Assist scientists from multiple disciplines with data capture, analysis, visualization.

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