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Sunday, 10 November 2013

USAN Watch: September 2013

The USANs for September, 2013 have recently been published. We actually missed September, due to switch over in service for the INNs, but now they're here.

USAN Research Code InChIKey (Parent) Drug Class Therapeutic class Target
aducanumab BIIB-037 n/a monoclonal antibody therapeutic beta amyloid
aptorsen-sodium OGX-427 n/a oligonucleotide therapeutic HSP27
asfotase-alfa ALXN-1215, ENB-0040 n/a enzyme therapeutic n/a
batefenterolbatefenterol-succinate GSK-961081A URWYQGVSPQJGGB-DHUJRADRSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic Muscarinic receptors, B2 receptor
bococizumab RN-316, PF-04950615 n/a monoclonal antibody therapeutic PC9
dactolisibdactolisib-tosylate NVP-BEZ235-NX

JOGKUKXHTYWRGZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic MTOR, PI3K
deldeprevirdeldeprevir-sodium ACH-0142684, ACH-2684 UDMJANYPQWEDFT-ZAWFUYGJSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic HCV NS3 PR
etiguanfacine SSP-1871 NWKJFUNUXVXYGE-UHFFFAOYSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic
faldaprevirfaldaprevir-sodium BI-201335
synthetic small molecule therapeutic HCV NS3 PR
fedratinib SAR-302503; TG-101348 JOOXLOJCABQBSG-UHFFFAOYSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic FLT3, JAK2
grazoprevir n/a n/a synthetic small molecule therapeutic
irinotecan-sucrosofate MM-398, PEP-02 n/a natural product derived small molecule therapeutic topo 1
luspatercept ACE-536 n/a protein therapeutic TGF-B family
mavoglurant AFQ-056 ZFPZEYHRWGMJCV-ZHALLVOQSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic mGluR5
otlertuzumab TRU-016 n/a monoclonal antibody therapeutic CD37
ralpancizumab RN317, PF-05335810 n/a monoclonal antibody therapeutic PC9
romyelocel-l CLT-008 n/a cellular therapy therapeutic n/a
roxadustat FG-4592; ASP-1517 YOZBGTLTNGAVFU-UHFFFAOYSA-N synthetic small molecule therapeutic prolyl hydoxylase
simtuzumab AB-0024; GS-6624 n/a monoclonal antibody therapeutic LOXL2
sucroferric-oxyhydroxide PA-21 n/a inorganic sequestering agent n/a
tecemotide BLP-25 n/a peptide vaccine peptide vaccine n/a

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