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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

ChEMBL User Group Meeting - Some Details

The agenda for the first ChEMBL user group meeting is below, we also have some additional speakers on various collaborative projects likely to be of interest to attendees, as extra-meeting items. Many thanks to the speakers and to Brad Sherbourne of Merck for putting this together.

The presentations will be a mix of slides and generous discussion time, giving plenty of opportunity to shape the future development of ChEMBL.

Friday May 27th, Courtyard Meeting Room, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, CB10 1SD.

9.15 Coffee/Reception
9.30 Welcome to ChUG - JPO and Brad
9.45 ChEMBL update and plans - ChEMBL group
10.45 Coffee
11.00 BeautifulBind: Prioritising targets by chemistry - Andrew Hopkins
11.45 Predicting targets using ChEMBL, and application to phospholipidosis - Rob Lowe
12.15 Lunch
13.15 QSAR workbench/Active learning - David Nicolaides
13.45 Matched-pair analysis, ChEMBL and KNIME - George Papadatos
14.15 Anti-Drugs - Willem Van Hoorn
14.45 Coffee
15.00 Comparison of compound to target mapping in ChEMBL and other databases - Chris Southan
15.30 Implementation/interface - Rich Hall
16.00 CanSAR - Mark Halling-Brown
16.30 Close of ChUG meeting
Extra Session
16.35 Stefan Senger - IMI OpenPHACTs Project
16.45 Mike Barnes - RSC Precompetitive activities

There is still time to register, details on the LinkedIn ChEMBL User Group. Travel details are on the EBI website, when you arrive, present yourself to Security at the Campus Visitor Center, then you will be sent to the EBI reception where you'll be met and taken to the meeting room.

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