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Friday, 26 August 2011

ChEMBL Release Scheduling

We are currently reviewing our internal release process for ChEMBL, and have a question. When we do a release, there are sometimes changes to the schema (we generally detail these in the release notes of previous releases) and also changes to deprecated items (targets or compounds that have changed or disappeared). We now also have a series of sites that use the ChEMBL data to provide new services, and these will invariably break (often both in and outbound links) as loading and processing of the ChEMBL data happens in these other systems.

One of the ideas we are considering is to have a 'pre-release' of the forthcoming release to interested parties during our normal one or two week long testing period. This could allow a smoother release schedule, and also help us with support issues after releases, but I'm sure have some further problems for us. So, if you run a resource, using ChEMBL and would like to discuss this with us, or if you have other views, we'd be happy to hear (mail link).

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Egon Willighagen said...

Hi ChEMBL-team!

For ChEMBL-RDF I am behind; my apologies for that. While I am using scripts to create the triples (and these have recently significantly changed), it is still generated from a live MySQL instance, and I therefore need to install a new DB for each release, which makes it not-so-much a push button conversion. (See [0]).

In short, at this moment, a two week pre-release time would not help for me at this moment. But I think the idea is most certainly valuable!