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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

MIABE - Minimum Information about a Bioactive Entity

Minimum Information Standards are an important feature in many aspects of science, and there is a rich history of the success of these in encouraging data interoperability across scientific resources and data analysis. An opinion paper has just been published in NRDD, that discusses bioactivity data. The paper itself seems to be open access (from my hotel room at least) - the link is here.

%T Minimum information about a bioactive entity (MIABE)
%J Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 
%V 10
%P 661-669
%D 2011
%A S. Orchard
%A B. Al-Lazikani
%A S. Bryant
%A D. Clark
%A E. Calder
%A I. Dix
%A O. Engkvist
%A M. Forster
%A A. Gaulton
%A M. Gilson
%A R. Glen
%A M. Grigorov
%A K. Hammond-Kosack
%A L. Harland
%A A. Hopkins
%A C. Larminie
%A N. Lynch
%A R. K. Mann
%A P. Murray-Rust
%A E. Lo Piparo
%A C. Southan
%A C. Steinbeck
%A D. Wishart
%A H. Hermjakob
%A J. Overington
%A J. Thornton
%O doi:10.1038/nrd3503

1 comment:

baoilleach said...

Perhaps I've misread it, but does Table 1 suggest that the chemical structure should be stored as an image? An MDL Mol file or a SMILES string might be better choice.