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Friday, 18 October 2013

ChEMBL KNIME training?


We recently did some KNIME training for ChEMBL at a workshop, and it was very popular. It made us think a little about just how much was available within Knime for ChEMBL, and we thought we'd ask if there was interest in us running a specific, detailed course on ChEMBL/KNIME next year.

So here's a poll. We'll keep this open for a month (i.e. closes 18th November 2013) and then decide what to do (if anything).

The stoopid free poll server I sued doesn't like the browser safari - so I'll transfer across to another system over the weekend, and try and transfer votes. Thank you to those that have voted so far.

Would you be interested in Knime ChEMBL training?
Yes - I'd like a two day course at the EBI next year
Yes - I'd like webinars
Yes - I'd like you to visit our lab (charge involved)
Yes - but not from you guys.
No - Knime, what's that
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