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The SARfaris: GPCR, Kinase, ADME

Monday, 28 October 2013

EU-OPENSCREEN 3rd Stakeholder Meeting, Oslo, Norway

Dear future user, partner, collaborator or supporter!

The ESFRI project EU-OPENSCREEN is an academic infrastructure initiative in Chemical Biology to serve your research needs. We are currently preparing the implementation of this pan-European infrastructure of open screening platforms to support basic and applied research. EU-OPENSCREEN will offer access to a unique compound library representing the know-how of European chemists, to a broad range of cutting-edge screening technologies, to valuable tool compounds for research, and to the knowledge that emerges from validated output of hundreds of screens stored and made publically available in a central database.

We cordially invite you to join us in Oslo for an exciting science day where we inform about the progress of the project and the planned services with reports on the design of the joint European Compound Library, the screening services and the database. In particular, we would like to share with you your own experiences from academic screening projects and thus invite you to present your projects as poster. From these, highlight projects will be selected for oral presentation.

See for more details.

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