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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Recruitment: Two Biological Data Manager positions within the team

We have two positions in the group currently open, both working on bioassay data aspects of the ChEMBL database. One is funded by a Wellcome Trust Grant, and the other under funding from the newly established EMBL-EBI/Sanger Center/GSK Center for Therapeutic Target Validation (CTTV). These are both great opportunities to work in a fun group committed to working on Open Data to help drug discovery.
  • Curating and organising bioactivity data in the ChEMBL database in a structured way.
  • Mapping measured bioactivity data from the scientific literature to other biological entities (proteins, cell-lines etc) using a variety of biological resources and ontologies.
  • Storing the information in the ChEMBL database in a structured format.
  • Implementing curation pipelines for data from complex and phenotypic assays such as those from cell-based and whole organism studies.
  • Manually checking and annotating data by reference to the original data sources.
  • Developing semi-automated processes for identifying and correcting erroneous data.
Links to both positions are here - Post 1 and Post 2. Closing date is 6th July 2014, with interviews taking place shortly after for shortlisted candidates.

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