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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ChEMBL RESTful Web Service API

We are pleased to announce the release of the ChEMBL RESTful Web Service API (application programming interface). The first release provides the functionality to support programmatic retrieval of ChEMBLdb compound, target, assay, and bioactivity data. In the coming weeks and months we will extend the feature set of the REST API to support:
  • Searching of compounds with SMILES, InChI keys, including substructure and similarity searches
  • Searching of targets by protein identifiers
  • Retrieval of results in JSON format
We have provided a documentation page that describes the API functionality in more detail and also describes how to get started with using our java client to access API:

Sample urls:
As always, you're feedback and suggestions for improving the API are most welcome. Please e-mail:

Update: In answer to an email question, the API is secure, runs under https: (http: calls will automatically be redirected automatically). The usual EBI terms of use apply to these services.

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